SLIET innovation Centre was established on 21st  November 2018 to create an ecosystem of Innovation and Incubation. This cell encourages, stimulates, and nurtures the ideas of young minds that have a great potential to convert their ideas into prototype /product or services. The Innovation Cell includes faculty, staff members, students, alumni, and experts from the industry that can motivate and translate technological innovations to the societal development of our country.

The cell has a separate infrastructure and is assessable to students with all the necessary resources. The institute reserves a separate fund to support students to build product and service.

The main objective of the cell is to promote project-based learning and helping selected ideas to lead towards Startup and entrepreneurship.


Prof. Ajat Shatru Arora                                                                                                               Prof. Surita Maini

      President IIC                                                                                                                         Vice President IIC